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Next to You; A EunHae Fanmix

Finaallllyyyy! \o/ I've finished this at last! :)

Love Story

"Did you sleep well?"

"Of course, in the comforting arms of the one I love. ~~" Eunhyuk smiled cutely.
"And now I want to sleep more in his arms." Eunhyuk kissed Donghae on his lips.

Donghae blushed for a moment but answered still.

by aizhi

01. Let Our Love Be Strong

When my world explodes, when my stars touch the ground
Falling down like broken satellites
All of my world resting on your love

Love Story

Both of them were still holding each other hands, eyes locked on each other. The brunette didn’t know how to describe the feeling he had when he felt himself absorbed by the brown orbs of the other’s eyes. ‘They are so beautiful. His face looks so innocent. I wonder how soft those lips can be’.

Strawberry Milk
by imsweet_11

02. Beautiful Eyes

You're here. Your eyes are looking into mine
So baby make me fly
My heart has never felt this way before
I'm looking through your
I'm looking through your eyes

Love Story

Eunhyuk started to caress my cheek with one hand, and later, he hugged me tightly. I hugged him back when he was going to release me from his hug. He kissed on my forehead and whispered next to my ear, “I don’t want to leave you; I want to be always by your side.”

When I stopped hugging him, he just stared at me. The next moment, he kissed me on the lips. I was going to push him away, but I just gave in to the kiss. He broke the kiss and smiled at me.

“I know that I shouldn’t ask you this because you might think that I’m just playing with your feelings, and to tell you the truth, I’m not playing with your feelings. I’ll understand if you say no, and I’ll wait for you. Do you want to be my boyfriend?”

“Eunhyuk… I believe you that you’re not playing with my feelings because I can feel your honesty in your words. Could you wait for me?”

Unfair – Last Chapter
by ohnomomo

03. Next To You

Maybe were friends
Maybe were more
Maybe it's just my imagination
But I see you stare just a little too long
And it makes me start to wonder
So baby call me crazy
But I think you feel it too
Maybe I, Maybe I
Just got to get next to you

Love Story

Donghae looked at Eunhyuk, his eyes has a serious look in them. Eunhyuk just blinked.

“You could have told me, you know.” Donghae said, eyes softening.


Donghae placed his arm on Eunhyuk’s shoulder and pulled him close and whispered, “I love you too.”

Eunhyuk’s eyes widened. “W-what?”

“You don’t need to hide it. I read it all.” Donghae said, looking deeply at Eunhyuk’s eyes.

Eunhyuk blushed and looked down on his lap. “Uhm… That’s uhm…”

Donghae chuckled. “You’re so cute, Hyukkie. Will you tell me now?”

Eunhyuk bit his bottom lip. He took a deep breath and looked at Donghae. “I… I… I love you.” Eunhyuk squeaked.

Donghae smiled brightly and hugged him tight. “Ah… You made me the happiest man on earth!!!”

Eunhyuk couldn’t help but smile at that.

I Love You
by ai_sumairu

04. Vulnerable

Share with me the secrets that you kept in
Because it's cold inside, it's cold inside
And your slowly shaking fingertips
Show that you're scared like me so
Let's pretend we're alone
And I know you may be scared
And I know we're unprepared
But I don’t care

Love Story

It’s a new day… pretty soon Teukie will be coming around and waking us all up…
I rolled over this morning… into your spot. I forgot it was empty…

Hyukkie… I know I tell you this a lot, but… I miss you.

I still remember the day in the bathroom, your final ‘words’… if you wan’t’ call them that. I'm trying to move on, I really am. But it’s just so hard. You’ve been gone for nearly half a year now. But it’s still just so hard.

Teukkie’s doing his rounds now… I promise I’ll think of you all day <3

I love you

All I Ever Wanted
by hunni23

05. Your Hope

When your hope is lost
When your hope is fading...
What would you do if you had
Just one little pill in your hand
That changed around all you could be
That helped you forget what you've seen
If all you ever wanted, was to let go...
(There are so many things that we just don't know about)
When your hope is lost and you can't take it
now you've come to far to let them break it

Love Story

“Come on,” Eunhyuk smiled and set the empty carton down on the table. He pulled him into their room and pushed him down onto the bed, kissing him. Donghae curled a hand around Eunhyuk’s neck and closed his eyes. They rolled over onto their sides and Eunhyuk stroked Donghae’s face.

“Go to sleep.” He kissed Donghae’s cheek. “And we’ll redo the morning…”

Strawberry Milk
by aidenrose@ interrobangfics

06. Surrender

06. We'll go surrender to the night
We won't look back at our lives
And when you sleep, I'll be there
To kiss your lips, to breathe your air
Right or wrong, it must go on
After this night, we'll leave it all behind

Love Story

You grinned at me and replied, "Because you're here with me today."

I looked into your eyes, searching for what that could have meant, and you continued to smile at me. But before I could go any further, the waitress brought our coffees to our table.

You stirred the coffee and took a sip. Setting the cup back onto the table, you looked into my eyes and said sincerely, "Thanks for bringing the sweetness back into my life."

I held your gaze and in that moment just like before, a period of silence, our souls connected. Even though no words were exchanged, we both knew love existed between us and we will hold onto it for as long as we can.

And so, I smiled back.

by kt_luvu26 @ whyilikeyou

07. Rock With You

If I wrote a book about where we stand
The title of my book would be "Life with Superman"
That's how you make me feel I count you as a privilege This love is so ideal
I'm honored to be in it
I know you feel the same I see it everyday
And all the things you do And all the things you say You are my rock
Baby you're the truth
You are my rock
I love to rock with you

Love Story

Instead of forgetting about Donghae, he was reminded about Donghae even more. The movie rental shop, the music store, the ice cream parlor, the game center, etc. It felt like Donhae could appear at any moment to drag him along the busy street like he always did before.

Eunhyuk looked inside a random shop and gasped. He ran inside and grabbed the familiar back. “Hae?” he asked breathlessly.

“Huh? Who are you?” The man that the dancer just grabbed frowned at him. This person was definitely not Donghae. Their face was not looked alike. It’s only their figure almost the same.

“Sorry, I mistook you to someone else.” Eunhyuk felt so ashamed and stupid. Of course it’s not Donghae. The younger dancer was in China along with the rest of SJ-M members. He mentally slapped himself. “Time to go home…” he muttered.

Your Love Chapter 4
by leona_green

08. Far Away

This time, This place
Misused, Mistakes
Too long, Too late
Who was I to make you wait
Just one chance
Just one breath
Just in case there's just one left
'Cause you know,
you know, you know
That I love you
I have loved you all along
And I miss you
Been far away for far too long
I keep dreaming you'll be with me
and you'll never go
Stop breathing if
I don't see you anymore

Love Story

‘Look!’-exclaimed Donghae pointing to the sprinkled night sky and Hyukjae starred harder at the constellation the younger pointed to. Or at least tried to. –‘That’s Orion, right next to Taurus, see?’

Hyukjae looked around in vain but breathed a gentle ‘yeah’ to calm Donghae’s growing excitement.
It was a cloudless night and this time, even Hyukjae had to admit it looked stunning; a canvas of spread lights and dancing fires that burned white. Hyukjae imagined that earth was like an edge, a sharp blade that they balanced upon and should they fall, they would tumble into the eternity he now faced, an infinite universe he could neither grasp nor deny.

But then he felt Donghae’s fingers lightly touching his own and smiled knowing exactly what kept him tied to the broken kaleidoscope called happiness.

And then Donghae was on top of him, silhouetted against the transparent sky and Hyukjae knew he too was smiling. And then he was leaning down, moist lips pressing against Hyukjae’s as he pressed himself against the older.

‘Look.’-demanded Donghae. –‘I’m right next to you.’

by sycoraxsnow

09. If Only

I know that I can be the one
To make you feel alright
I know I can kiss away the pain
To brighten up your night
Now If only you’ll say
If only you’ll stay
Tell me softly what you want to hear
Hold my hand we’ll run away from here

Love Story

Unconsciously, he always tilted his head to look at Hyukjae's face and ended up chewing on his bottom lip. He couldn't really say he wanted to kiss him because he was in love, but rather he wanted to know if he would feel anything if he did. Some people say that if you feel some kind of spark kissing someone, it means you're feeling connected to that person.

Why I Like You – Chapter 8

by strawberryxuyu@ ken_fikkus

10. Yearning of the Heart

I want to place you in my embrace,
Your smile that is like the sunshine,
Your fragrance that is like the wind,
Your warm breath your bright eyes...
I like it intoxicated in an armful of happiness just in case this love will become a dream,
Or everything will disappear
I tightly hold your hand next to me

Love Story

"We feed on love," Donghae says simply, eyeing the boy. "What you call aliens, we need love to survive."

"Uh huh." Hyukjae has an idea where this is heading but he wants to ask, just to make sure. Because it's all a joke right?

"And you love me."

"I don't," Hyukjae says loudly and then falters, suddenly unsure and afraid. His fingers curl around the edge on the table, as if gripping something would help him make sense of the situation. He asks helplessly, "Do I?"

Donghae's gaze is intense, fixing straight on Hyukjae's face. "Everyday. One kiss. For me to survive." Upon seeing Hyukjae's terrified face, his face softens and he adds, "Please."

"What are you talking about?" Hyukjae is terrified.

And then Donghae is there, right in his face. Breath warm and moist against his skin. "Let me live with you. Save me."

EunHae Drabble 02
by madelyn93 @ paper_scribbles

11. Wonderwall

I don't believe that anybody feels
The way I do about you now
And all the roads we have to walk along are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
There are many things that I would
Like to say to you
I don't know how
Because maybe
You're gonna be the one who saves me ?
And after all
You're my wonderwall

Love Story

Donghae pulled Eunhyuk by the wrist closer to his body making Eunhyuk collpase on his strong chest since his tired legs gave out on him. Now Eunhyuk had his arms wrapped around Donghae's shoulder and breathing hard on his chest, his body moving up and down. He was shocked as to why Donghae was acting like this and became even more shocked when two hands went under his butt lifting him up. The first thing he did was wrap his legs arouind Donghae's waist to keep himself from falling.

Donghae moved them somewhere into a room and threw Eunhyuk on the bed. Eunhyuk by now had regain his breath and sat up to look around the place.

"H-Hae where ar- mmpppphhh!!" Eunhyuk was silenced by a rough kiss from Donghae. He didn't know what do for Donghae never kissed him like this before, but he just did what he always does when Donghae kissed him. He wrapped his arms around Donghae's neck and kissed Donghae back. Donghae put force into the kisses making Eunhyuk fall back down onto the bed.

Jealous Donghae Part 2
by jumpybb

12. Shining Star

The way you look at me
The way you touch me
The fire in your eyes
(Makes me sweat) makes me shiver inside
There's nothing I can do about it
You're my soul mate, my summer and my faith
You fill me up with love
Your kisses are better than wine
There's nothing I want more than you

Love Story

“Hyukie, I love you.”
“I .. love you too Hae. BUT. You know, Junsu told me-“
Hae kissed me. He simply smiled at me.
He kissed me again. Ugh! I have to make sure that we are together now. But how will I ask him? I couldn’t even look at his eyes.
“So are we.. Uhm. Hmm..”
He laughed. What the hell is happening? Is he just playing around? Stupid! I am so stupid.
“I knew it Hae! Junsu was right. This is impossible. It is impossible for us to be together. BUT-“
YoulaughedwhenItriedtoaskifwearerenowtoge... Uhh, Hae. You’re kissing me again. You never let me finish talking. What are you doing? I want things to be clear. Is this all just a joke?
“Hyukie. Listen to me. I love you. I love you Hyukjae. My heart is yours.” He grinned a big grin.
I just nodded.
“Okay. So please stop worrying about what Junsu said. He is just joking, you know Junsu right?”
I just smiled and gave him a kiss.
I felt how much Hae loves me. I felt so assured that he really loves me yet unsure until when can we hold onto this. I am not sure if we can fight for this. I am not sure what will happen after this. I am not even sure if I have enough courage to hold onto this. All I am sure is I love Donghae. I love him and he loves me. Nothing else is important than that now. I want to make this last forever.

My Heart Is yours
by bambaya

13. Until The End Of Time

Cause if your love was all I had
In this life
Well that would be enough
Until the end of time
So rest your weary heart
And relax your mind
Cause I'm gonna love you girl
Until the end of time

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