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Let's blow a bubble. Though it'll likely burst before reaching the sky. Who do I want to know better? Oh you know who. The fun we're having now won't last forever, but I wish it would. I want to keep watching you till the end of time. Paper airplanes fill the sky, swept by the wind. Please find the right one.

Please please do not add me because of my fics. D:
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☄ shinpei ● how are you real


Since yknow, it's Christmas, I decided to update. XD Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, I hope you all have a good one! I love you all, thanks for everything, really.
☄ shinpei ● how are you real


So! I turned 19 the other day and I still can't believe it lmao. Cos I don't act like a teenager rofl. Mom and I had dinner that day, bonding with mom like that was awesome which we haven't done for months now keke. I'm back! I promise to make it up to you guys, I'll try my best to read and comment to your entries. :)
I'm in a hurry~ I have a lot of catching up to do and more stories to tell rawr, bear with me you guys.